Background and Introduction to Physics


This Background section should give you a very fast, brief and highly simplified overview of what physics is, and where and how it has come to the place it is now. 

Physics – in the grandest of all definitions – it the subject of everything.

Physics defines how atoms happen, how and why they interact, right through to how and why the universe forms and functions.  Everything that happens in our physical world, from opening our eyes to standing on our planet is physics.

Why explore Physics? Everything in you modern home that uses electricity, is made up on an alloy, stuck together by advanced adhesives and more, all came about through physics in one form or another.  If you think along the lines that chemistry is the specialisation of physics in the interaction of chemicals, you can very quickly get to the point where you understand that everything is physics.  

Do you need to understand huge and complex mathematics to understand physics? No. Well, actually, yes, if you want to get into the nitty-gritty, but ‘no’ if you want to gain a broad understanding of what physics is, at least at the start.  This site is devoid of maths and offers instead conceptual constructs to help the reader understand the subject matter. This is as deep as most people will want to or need to go.

Those with the specialised wiring of brains, who understand the complexities of advanced mathematics, should be applauded and cultivated. I seek active collaboration with these folks in raising this hypothesis from a nice bunch of words to a valid and active part of the Standard Model of Physics.

In short, the Standard Model is our starting point.  It describes all that we understand and can scientifically validate through experiment, prediction and real-world testing.

Einstein and his wonderful breakthrough, the Theory of Relativity, comes next. Then we depart into the world of quantum mechanics.

Last, we discuss the problems and inconsistencies which make Relativity and Quantum Theory incompatible at the smallest of small scales, which would not be so much of a problem except that everything is made of these smallest of small things,.. everything!

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